No Matter The Circumstance

It’s sad that a man
Can hide his emotions
without shedding a tear
acting like there’s no fear

The years of boyhood
Are gone
Invisible to the eyes
Within the blink of an eye

Everything changes
And nothing is the same
life is a new mirror
and we’re the one’s who choose

How to live stay alive
Is nothing to see and cry
For in the end we all die
But shouldn’t we say
We gave it a try

Death is guaranteed
And that’s a certificate
That is always legitimate
No matter how definitive

We select and choose
The life we must live
but we can not decide
The emotion of man

No matter the occasion
No matter the circumstance
A man should always feel free
And able and to cry

In grief
After hiding all
that was underneath
I feel guilty

For not trying to feel


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