My Fuel

You fuel me so much
I thank you for that
But you’re also the pedal
Draining me out.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about
The darkness just comes and goes
Speeding at times
but then going slow

I can’t move without it though
My engine that drives me
the curse that lays inside
taunting at me until the day I die

It’s an awful high
Making you cry
Breaking you down
Running you to the ground

Rushing the trenches
You have no chances
Surrender and Give Up
So you can start and not let up


No Matter The Circumstance

It’s sad that a man
Can hide his emotions
without shedding a tear
acting like there’s no fear

The years of boyhood
Are gone
Invisible to the eyes
Within the blink of an eye

Everything changes
And nothing is the same
life is a new mirror
and we’re the one’s who choose

How to live stay alive
Is nothing to see and cry
For in the end we all die
But shouldn’t we say
We gave it a try

Death is guaranteed
And that’s a certificate
That is always legitimate
No matter how definitive

We select and choose
The life we must live
but we can not decide
The emotion of man

No matter the occasion
No matter the circumstance
A man should always feel free
And able and to cry

In grief
After hiding all
that was underneath
I feel guilty

For not trying to feel

What I’ve Become

What have I become
A lurking shadow in the dark
Walking slowly towards my pain
Realizing there may be nothing to gain

In the light you don’t have a clue
Wearing a mask you can’t see
What’s truly lays beneath
The monster you’ve never seen

Was this meant to be
Embedded in my soul
Feeling the coldness
Brought within me
Controlling every breath I breathe

Your at the wheel sometimes
speeding down a hill
an urge so strong you could kill
Bringing nothing but a chill

Slithering down my spine
bound together through time
the fight no longer goes on
postponed till the end of my time

I know for a fact
you will always stay intact
There’s never been a second
You’ve left me and I pretended

That you’ve never been here
apart of me and apart of you
you made me hollow inside
while I give you life

A gift in the most unpleasant way
I can’t keep you at bay
Because sadly I must say
I can’t live without you so sadly I must pay


Shall our destinies define us “Destiny”
or shall we define our destiny
The value of human life
is one of value or waste?

The Gun you consider
yet the bullet you’re afraid of
What if it goes wrong
What if you suffer

Was life that bad to end it?
In your mind acting as the defendant
you feel guilty by the jury
As your mind rushes and hurries

Thinking of the worst
results in a hearse
for now you have burst
into the abyss…

The past comes to haunt
Coming to haunt
You feel ashamed
Yet who’s to blame?

Even as a child the old soul got older
Unlike most others
The taste of life has been swallowed
Dissolved by the essence of life itself

We feel it…..
The shadow deemed beyond us
Made from nothing but the pure being of yourself
A reflection
With different perspectives.

What’s right and what’s wrong
Is up to you
For there are no true moral standards
Just remember

Once the trigger is at a squeeze…
that razor across the wrist
the rope you’re ahead
the decision is final

Physically or spiritually you just committed suicide
From the toxic highs of what feels like the lows in life
No clock can be fixed
No hour may reverse

Life will go on without you
That reality…
So pick your poison
Can you suffer a little longer
or must you be a goner

Last Breath

I can’t tell you

the last time I’ve slept

I’ve been wandering around

Wandering to find the answer

The answer to eternal peace

My head can’t stop spinning

I’m surrounded by the darkness

Yet I can still imagine the vision

The vision of seeing the light

Feeling my soul lift up

Becoming weightless and suspended

Then I fall…..

Crashing down upon my broken wings

No longer do I want to stand up

For inside I am shattered

Like broken pieces of glass

I’ve never been one to go to Mass

Or look up to the sky in hope

For a better afterlife.

I don’t belong in heaven

If there’s even such a thing

After my life

Please let me proceed

To sleep for all of eternity

For I am exhausted

But I cannot proceed to stop

I want to leave behind…

My blood,sweat, and tears

Chasing away all the fears

That walk amongst us

Just like the shadows

I feel nothing but hollowness

Yet I feel so much to burden

Let me complete my mission

May my last breath of air

Be one of comfort and satisfaction

Knowing that I can finally rest

For one life is enough for me

Darkness of Revenge

The lights are dark

And the sound is booming

A night of simple simplicity

Has turned into a nightmare

I look up and what once was at peace

Is now covered in blood

The blood is coming towards me

Like a wave crashing onto the shore

Something so simple

Has turned into devastation

What once was full of life

Is now a place of living souls

None of them knew….

Their last breath was at random

No notice of death near

What was suppose to be a night of thrill

Ended up being a night of slaughter and kills

Revenge is what we want

Our mouths water from the pure thought

But we can’t gain what we’ve lost

So in revenge we all lose

Nothing is gained

Except for satisfaction

Fear and Loathing: In the 2016 Election……. (continued)

October 22, 2015

Well according to some poll results, someone is finally above Donald Trump. In the state of Iowa Ben Carson has supposedly pass Trump for the first time. Which feels like the first time in this election that anyone has beat Trump whatsoever. Watching Republicans fight it out on the campaign trails is almost as entertaining as watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Unfortunately the same can not be said for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton has mailed herself into a difficult position. Yet, she still is in the lead for the Democratic nomination. The woman who couldn’t even keep her husband in check is now going to try and take on the position of Commander and Chief. Now, I’m not worried about anyone “going down” on Hillary, but I am worried about how our enemies will view us. However, if the world was full of women who were political leaders, Hillary would be the outright President. Anything involving diplomacy would involve only one person and that is a man by the name of Bill Clinton. He would arrive with a “pants” load of confidence willing to shoot a load of American diplomacy over the faces of anything or anyone standing in his way. Bill cheated on Hillary and Bill is still vastly more popular than Hillary…. What does that tell ya…… Hillary feels as if she has the womens majority vote locked up but she doesn’t. I see more and more young women starting to support Bernie Sanders than Hillary. Which is a relief to see. For the simple fact that there will be women who’ll vote for Hillary and have no absolute clue about what she stands for or any of her policies. That’s America for you though….. A highschool student in the recent months decided to create a fake candidate by the name of DEEZ NUTS. Deez Nuts got about a 9 percent of support in the poles not to long ago even though everyone knew that Deez Nuts will be no longer. The election isn’t until November of 2016 so who knows what may happen. Hillary may get a sex change and start calling herself Hank Clinton, I don’t think Bill would be bothered much by it either way. If any of the other candidates were found to have an private e-mail with classified information. They would’ve been kicked out of the race by now. Especially if it was Donald Trump. Candidates on both sides would of squeezed every last drop of that event to ruin his campaign. Yet, here lies Hillary still unscaved for all her lies. Good thing it wasn’t an average citizen who could have committed this unjustifiable crime. For they would be hanging by the limb of that which we call Treason. However, for some reason. Hillary isn’t troubled by this act of treason. Talk about a pain in the ass. With all the other candidates thinking “what the Fuck if I would’ve done that my ass would be shipped out of the U.S. by now”. On the other hand, it may of benefited the other Democrats running for office. Actually giving them air time so people can actually acknowledge and notice them. But there’s only two people in this fight to represent the sign of the Jackass.