Gloomy Days

I walk this path
So dark and gloomy
what once was fear
no longer brings tears
Scared I once was
Unsure of what’s ahead
Will this be the end?

Once a timid boy
scared of the dark
unsure how it’ll end
knowing one day it’ll all stop
the rain has started
with fear descending from the sky
it’s ok though for this is my high

No longer a boy
walking this path alone
the darkness has seeped in to my bones
For I have became what I once feared
A heart so cold emerging the demon inside
That little boy has died, but a grave isn’t needed
For I have shredded the skin that has now conceded



You’re in my sight
and no longer am I afraid
to confront the injustice you have done
upon me, my family, and friends

A true bastard you are
leaving a permanent scar
upon my very existence
never to leave and always to witness

I’m ashamed to be given this mark
But it’s never been my fault
That the God’s have decided to say
Leave me in pain and find my own way

I wander alone
Wondering the purpose of this all
If there’s even a purpose at all
That is…..

The demonic creature lurking around
Are of my own possession
While they take away all of my attention
Towards the light of full life

I can’t enjoy a second
Without thinking about
Pulling the Trigger
Hopefully leading to heaven

I know my time is closing near
Since I was born there was no fear
Of the day that’ll eventually come
The one that comes visit us all

I’m Not Bold

I’m not bold
A hypocrite at most
let’s give a toast
to the host of the show
It’s me but not me
Can’t you see ?

I apologize and I’m sorry
but i’m not so don’t worry
For all that’s worth knowing
Is if my life will be worth knowing

Losing your soul is it worth the wait?
Reeking havoc within your inner hate
Willing to do whatever it is
worth willing to do

Isn’t that sane though?
Willing to do the insane
for money, fortune, and fame
All with a price tag to pay
Does my shadow follow me?
Or do I follow it?

Who am I to know…
The darkness creeps in
seeping when it pleases
toying with me, as if there’s no reason

Why I commit treason
against my soul
with nothing to show

For I will not be amazed
or ashamed
to the answer thereafter
If there’ll be another chapter

My Fuel

You fuel me so much
I thank you for that
But you’re also the pedal
Draining me out.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about
The darkness just comes and goes
Speeding at times
but then going slow

I can’t move without it though
My engine that drives me
the curse that lays inside
taunting at me until the day I die

It’s an awful high
Making you cry
Breaking you down
Running you to the ground

Rushing the trenches
You have no chances
Surrender and Give Up
So you can start and not let up

There’s Always A Way Out

There’s always a way out
Leaving Everything behind
To forget the present
Due to such a dark past
When the sun finally shines
Enjoy it while you can
Hoping this moment
Could last an eternity
But the dark clouds ahead
Are always in sight
There’s no reason to fight
For it’s better to embrace
The minds
Unusual and unsatisfying tastes sour
For no man is truly one man
Shadows follow us
Like a dark passenger
Waiting for its thrill
Ready for its chance
To get behind the wheel
For life isn’t even keeled
No matter how many times
You get on your knees
Asking the lord to heal
For your bones will never feel

This Was The Night

This was the night
The night it all came out
Violence and Blood coming to shout
My composure couldn’t be kept
As an everlasting impression
Has weighed
Upon my heart and soul
He wasn’t doing anything
Just another soul
Walking through
A soulless town
I speed faster
Tracking down my prey
When I show up
He looks up
He didn’t look afraid
As our eyes
locked onto one another
He begins to laugh
so I began to shoot
There he laid
Blood splattered on the concrete
I began to walk up
To see what I’ve done
I couldn’t believe it
There wasn’t any blood
I turn my head
Towards his body
And there he is
Glancing at me laughing
You can’t kill
What’s already dead


Shall our destinies define us “Destiny”
or shall we define our destiny
The value of human life
is one of value or waste?

The Gun you consider
yet the bullet you’re afraid of
What if it goes wrong
What if you suffer

Was life that bad to end it?
In your mind acting as the defendant
you feel guilty by the jury
As your mind rushes and hurries

Thinking of the worst
results in a hearse
for now you have burst
into the abyss…

The past comes to haunt
Coming to haunt
You feel ashamed
Yet who’s to blame?

Even as a child the old soul got older
Unlike most others
The taste of life has been swallowed
Dissolved by the essence of life itself

We feel it…..
The shadow deemed beyond us
Made from nothing but the pure being of yourself
A reflection
With different perspectives.

What’s right and what’s wrong
Is up to you
For there are no true moral standards
Just remember

Once the trigger is at a squeeze…
that razor across the wrist
the rope you’re ahead
the decision is final

Physically or spiritually you just committed suicide
From the toxic highs of what feels like the lows in life
No clock can be fixed
No hour may reverse

Life will go on without you
That reality…
So pick your poison
Can you suffer a little longer
or must you be a goner